The Truth About Most NFL Or College Football Picks

I know you’ve seen them. I run across them every day with banner ads and sometimes bombardments of spam email claiming to have guaranteed NFL or College football picks. They flash up some type of ridiculous record with no actual proof of the record. That’s exactly why I wanted to clear the air about most of these sports handicapping services. Keep in mind I say most because just like any tainted industry there are still diamonds in the rough.

The first thing that ropes people in are the so called professionals teaser picks that they give away. Which actually reminds me of a Simpson’s episode where Homer is scammed by free picks through the mail. They sent different picks to different people so that a certain percentage of those people would always get winners, but this was of course by blind luck. This is exactly what these teaser picks boil down to most of the time. They are strictly a promotional method to get you to buy the very expensive premium picks. Which often are not much better than the free picks.

So lets say you actually find a good service that you feel will give you the picks you need to become a regular winner. The fact about these premium picks is that they are so expensive you have to then bet way more than you normally do just to cover the cost of the pick. This in turn completely destroys your bankroll strategy and your profit margin. The guarantees also cause some controversy. Most of the guarantees you see come with a “If your pick doesn’t สมัคร ufabet มือถือhit you get your money back” guarantee. The only problem here is that you just raised you betting unit to cover for the cost of the pick and wiped you out. So getting that money back doesn’t always mean it’s a good deal. The second downfall to the guarantee is that most of the time in order to avoid a refund they usually offer a few premium picks for free instead of the refund.

So if you can’t find a quality service that actually gives good picks what’s the alternative? The alternative is simply putting in the effort to analyze each game like a pro. This can take up to 3 hours per day which most people would rather be spending with their family instead of in front of a computer screen looking at stats. Or you could continue to be an average bettor with the ups and downs and never getting ahead. But there is another alternative. And that is hooking up with a professional that will give you all their picks for free.

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