How to Market Less Favoured Matches in a Major Football Tournament – Improve the Experience

Football lovers know that not all matches have equal weight in a tournament.  Some matches will have a full house and others will definitely struggle to even have a sparse crowd regardless of the time of the tournament.  But it does not have to be like that, if a ticket for a match goes beyond offering just game and offers more in terms of fan experience.

In South Africa we have two major horse racing events the Durban Vodacom July and Cape Town J&B Met.  These are events to see and be seen.  Like peacocks people stride out on the greens, in the most spectacular of attires.  Photo shoots are the order of the day by journalists, fashion enthusiasts and spectators.  The media, print, TV and radio jostle for the best position.  Drinks and stuff to eat flow, so does the music.  It is all carnival and the events are full to the seams. These are places to be.  But these occasions are not primarily about fashion they are about horse racing.  The organizers knew that if they focussed on horse racing however big they would try to promote these events, they would at best attract a small crowd.  They therefore stretched their imagination,turned these events into memorable and emotional fashion spectacle, over and above horse racing.  

Take a look at some games in which the English www.ufabet national team and premiership teams are involved in on the European continent. You will discover that thousands of fans pour into those cities and most of them do not have tickets and do not have even half a chance to attend a match.  What attracts them is the party atmosphere that the fans generate.  

In any tournament there are those games that will definitely struggle and there those that do not need any marketing.  Italy versus Brazil is a case in point.  What would one market about this game?  But there those games between less profile countries, whether they are in the semi finals or beginning of the tournament you will struggle to attract a sparse crowd.  It is for these games that you should reserve the best experience, beyond football.  You could start from the points below.  

  • Invite other teams taking part in the tournament to be present when the less profile teams are playing.  
  • Give people an opportunity to take photos with players of these teams.
  • Acknowledge the presence of groups of people you were able to sell to.
  • Offer gifts to be won.
  • The first groups of people into the stadium should receive tournament memorabilia.
  • Come up with a surprise spectators do not expect like favourite singers from across all cultures in the country.  
  • Create a carnival in and around the stadium.  Look at the American Super Bowl.
  • Turn these less profile matches into occasions to see and be seen.

Communicate all these activities to the people before hand.  Emphasize the party atmosphere and the gifts over and above the football.  Remember great experience is about emotions and memories.

Humanity is about: “what is in it for me”.  That’s how we are wired at birth.  

When you expand the reach of your ticket beyond the game itself, you will have a full house and you do not have to pay for any of this experience, sports has a great propensity to get sponsors, use it and acknowledge them.

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