How Ben 10 and Spiderman Caught the Psyche of Children – What Football Marketing Can Learn

If you want to reach the parents, market to the children.  Parents often have preset ways of doing things.  They have acquired these ways over a long period of time and it may be difficult to change. But they can be dragged by their children to do things they would ordinarily, not even think about.  Has your son ever dragged you or made your life unbearable because of Spiderman, Superman or these days John Cena and his cousin Ben 10?

You surely have heard about Spiderman.  In my neck of the woods Spiderman films are not that common but the character is very strong in the minds of children.  Walk into any nursery or primary school across the land, you are sure to come across a Spiderman memorabilia.  From T-shirts to balls and all other kinds of toys.  It all starts with a few children introducing the character at school and mimicking their moves.  The character soon catches on, the whole school gets besieged. 

There is Ben 10.  Ben 10 is not that very well known as www.ufabet Spiderman among the old folks, but there is a TV series about him on Cartoon Network. Ben 10 is a young boy the age of most pre-school children.  He always moves around with his cousin I guess, and their grandfather.  They leave in a mysterious land, often under attack from the bad guys.  To their advantage Ben 10 has a magical watch which turns him into a mysterious character depending on the demands of the situation.  Ben 10 successfully fights off these bad guys.

Ben 10 series have captivated children so much that at every turn and twist you see children wearing his attire.  But, children do not have money of their own to buy this attire, for sure they have cajoled their parents.  Some parents are known to be throwing Ben 10 themed parties.  That is how far this character has caught on.

For any team that is looking to get those old folks that do not go to the stadium, look no further than the children.  How would you get a rugby fanatic old folk into a football game if not through his child?  Think about it?  Visit schools, start programmes within there.  They could be reading, health, anything.  Become part of the lives of the young souls.  Give them free gifts.  Very soon you football club is going to become like Spiderman, Ben 10 and John Cena in the lives of these children.

One important thing to remember is that football or soccer (as called across the Atlantic) is game that improves children life style, physique and fitness.  It could even become a child’s calling in life.  It is not junk food, so, in most schools you will be welcome.

These children will cajole their parents into stadiums.  You will hit two birds with one stone.  You will get the old folks into the stadium and you also more often than not get a fan for life in this child.  If you patronize all primary and pre- schools in your precinct, you will never play before an empty stadium ever again.  Your fan base will grow, merchandising will improve and sponsors will find their way to you.        

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