Home Fire Escape Plan – Make One For Your Family

Fires at home are common. This is because of the lack of fire safety measures observed at home. Although your family is careful with all the flammable items, someone outside might throw a cigarette in your storage area where you keep all your paints. This will start an enormous fire.

Since fire is possible even if you are careful, it is best that you prepare for it. Aside from having hydrospray fire extinguishers in key areas of the house, your family should have an escape plan. Your escape plan as a family will help you and the children escape the fire together.

One of the reasons why people fail to escape from the house right away is that they search for one another in the house. In order for you to get out of the burning house immediately, plan a fire escape. Here is how:

1. Communicate with your children

Your children know something about fire. No matter how young they are. Talk to them about its danger. Listen for their suggestions. If they go to school, they surely discuss it in class. They probably have a good idea for your escape plan. What matters is that they take your topic seriously.

2. Provide a plan on how to escape from every room

All homes have many rooms. Make sure that you abc kids tackle each. This is necessary because you will never know where all the members will be when the fire breaks. If your child is in the kitchen, he has to know where the escape routes are.

Provide two escape routes for each room. There should be a second escape route just in case the first one is impassable. The window can be a second exit choice.

3. Teach everyone how to escape from each room

Providing the exits is not enough. You have to teach them how to escape. This will ensure that they will be able to get out of the room. Using the door is easy. However, escaping from the window can be very challenging. Teach the kids how to open it and what to do to get out of the room safely.

4. Provide plan for those members of the family who needs help

Pair the people who need help in the family with those who can. Teenagers or adults can assist the very young children or the old and sick members of the family.

5. Set a meeting place outside the home

Everyone should meet at this place after the fire. This will let you know if everyone got out of the house safely. If two members of the family got to the place ahead of time, one of them should call for help right away. The other one should remain to let the others know who called for help.

6. Do not forget to practice

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