Corporate Gifts – Most Unique Gift Idea Ever

Corporations and small businesses who really care about their employees will oftentimes, during the holidays and throughout the year, give their employees corporate gifts and incentives.

Corporate gifts have ranged from watches, to parties, to candles, to dinners, to time off, to engraved coffee mugs, T-shirts, pens and more. The list can go on and on.

There is a new corporate gift being introduced to small businesses and larger corporations across the country that is taking off in popularity. It is exceptionally unique because it is a gift that everyone can use and it is a fact that the industry surrounding this gift is a $7 TRILLION industry.

What is this unique corporate gift? It’s the gift of corporate gifts gebiz travel, but not just any kind of travel, but deeply discounted travel that can be purchased by the corporation or given to an employee to purchase.

How does a corporation or company give the gift of travel? There is a unique company who researched the travel industry and who wanted to provide a better package for their own members. In their efforts to do so, they discovered a unique product that they could not only offer to their own members but they could now offer to the world. They created a whole new travel company to provide their own members the opportunity to travel for deep discounts, worldwide. They began to offer the same to corporations, individuals and small businesses. The opportunity they developed allows corporations, small businesses and individuals to pay a one time membership fee which allows them to download unlimited numbers of deep discount travel vouchers. The uses are almost endless. Through their market research they found that the new members could use these vouchers for themselves or give them away to employees, family, friends, business associates, potential customers, waiters and waitresses as tips, etc. The list is growing in ways that these travel vouchers can be used.

How much is this going to cost? The company offers unlimited, lifetime download of these vouchers for a one time membership fee of between $498 and $998 depending on which voucher program chosen. Remember that this may be tax deductible if you are using this for a business so be sure to check with a tax accountant. This is so incredibly inexpensive when the company considers that they can download an unlimited number of these vouchers as often as they want, whenever they want for as many years as they want as long as they remain a member. This is a one time membership fee to join and once the company or individual joins, they have access to a back office where they will have a choice of over 10 unique travel vouchers (more unique vouchers being added weekly) that they can download, an unlimited number of times, to give away to whomever they choose or use themselves.

Are there any other fees involved? Depending on the voucher program the company would choose, there is a monthly fee to maintain and provide you with your own corporate website which is given to the company or individual when they become a member. You can stop the membership at any time with no further obligation. In addition, the vouchers have redemption fees, but those redemption fees are minuscule compared to the total cost of the trips provided through the vouchers.

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