Bodybuilding Tips – Addressing Weak Lower Lats

As bodybuilders begin to advance to state-level competition, where everyone onstage does all their homework in terms of training, diet and supplementation, shows are often won by the athlete onstage with the least amount of structural flaws. Because of this, it is important to customize training protocols to address perceived weaknesses in structure, and utilize particular exercises to target muscle groups, which can help to lessen the negative effect these weaknesses will have upon the perception of judges.

Many bodybuilders, particularly ectomorphs, suffer from “high lats”, a condition in which their back muscles (latissimus) attach at a higher position in the back than Testolone Rad 140 sarm desired. While this does provide a great illusion of a small waist, it severely limits the perception of width that a bodybuilder can project, and often results in points lost to other competitors which just plain look wider.

The lower lats can be targeted using several methods. A wide grip on pulldown movements is beneficial. Training slower and mentally focusing on the area can help, too. Keeping the back completely vertical during movement helps keep the upper-back out of the movement, which emphasizes the lower back. Exercise selection can also go a long way to correcting high lats. Close grip cable rowing, T-bar and dumbbell freeweight rows, Deadlifts, and lat pulldowns are very useful for targeting lower lats.

Advanced bodybuilders at the top amateur and professional ranks often resort to site injections in order to install a small amount of swelling in the lower lat region and make the muscle group appear larger. This is a common practice at the top levels where any perceived weakness could result in a competitor placing out of the money. It is a dangerous practice, and infections are common. Shots should be avoided by most bodybuilders – instead, devote that time and effort to better nutrition and supplementation, as well as posing and tan, the two factors that win/lose way more shows than lat insertions.

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